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5 1/2 Things About Suicide Prevention Week

When we’re in the middle of the hardest moments of our lives, we can often feel helpless and like there’s nothing we can do about our mental health. Speaking from personal experience, it’s only when looking back on those times that I’ve realized the things I would have done differently, the people I would have reached out to, or the help I would have asked for. When we’re in it, it’s so hard to see a way out, which is why it’s so important to train ourselves now on all the steps we can take to help ourselves and others when we need it most.

1) Take advantage of free tools

Health Services has an awesome, free mental health screening tool that can tell you whether or not it would be a good idea for you to set up a professional consultation with someone. It’s good to get that clarification when things seem uncertain.

2) Talk to your friends about their mental health

It’s not easy. And it takes repetition and practice, but when you feel like something isn’t right, listen to yourself. Follow your instincts when you’re worried about a friend. There’s lots of advice out there from people who learned to talk about mental health with their friends and family.

3) Reach out to those who can help you

The Counseling Center at Boise State wants to help you. They’re there to help you with any concerns you may have, whether that’s personal or if you’re worried about someone else. Please don’t hesitate to reach out any time you feel like you need to talk.

4) Use emergency and crisis services

Help is waiting at the Idaho Crisis and Suicide Hotline. You can call or text 988 for any reason. The incredible people at Idaho Crisis and Suicide Hotline are ready to help 24/7, completely free of charge. They’re trained to help you feel empowered to make the right decisions.

5) Attend events to get involved and learn more!

Suicide Prevention Week is a time for us all to get involved, educate ourselves, and feel prepared when it comes to our mental health — and we can have some fun while we do it. Join your fellow students for things like an obstacle course, gifting flowers, stopping to pet a puppy, chalk art, and more.

5 ½) Boise State seriously cares about student’s mental health

Did you know that Boise State received a $300k grant to raise awareness about mental health, build sustainable programs, give everyone the resources they need, and create a Bronco community that talks about their mental health? Yeah, we care about you alot, Broncos. Let’s do a little dance for that!

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