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Assist Lab

Assist Lab  Spring 2021 course delivery: Hybrid. Experience: have taken ED-ESP 250 (ED-ESP 510 at the graduate level). Experience with individuals with disabilities is also preferred, but not required. Interests/majors: education, psychology, and social work.

Audio Signal Processing

Audio Signal Processing:  Spring 2021 course delivery: not accepting new students. Looking for students with at least one course in computer programming with interests in music theory; facility with a musical instrument; digital signal processing. Majors: Computer Science; Electrical & Computer Engineering; Gaming and Interactive Mobile Media (GIMM); Mathematics; Music; Physics. Skills gained: coding and coding software; Python toolkits; professional-grade audio recording equipment; music theory.

Autonomous Robotic Systems

Autonomous Robotic Systems:  Spring 2021 course delivery: In-person. Majors: Mechanical Engineering; Electrical and Computer Engineering; Physics; Math; Education; Civil Engineering; Systems Engineering; Mechanical Systems; Real-Time Software; Embedded Computer Systems;Vision Processing; Electrical Systems; Interests in: Application of Coursework Concepts to Real World Challenges; Communication; Leadership; Teamwork; Creativity and Innovation


Bio-Innovations:  Spring 2021 course delivery: hybridMajors: Biology; Chemistry; Physics. Interests: Data sequencing; molecular biology; computational biology and bioinformatic skills; in vitro transcription/translation; molecular cloning; Illumina library preparation; high-throughput DNA sequence analysis; computer programming languages (Python, Matlab, R); and machine learning.

Books in Every Home

Books in Every Home:Spring 2021 course delivery: not enrolling any new students. Majors: English Literature; Education; Business/Project Management (Nonprofit and otherwise); Psychology; Sociology; Interests: Arabic, Swahili, Other languages spoken by refugee households in Boise; Art; Creative Writing; Project management; Grant writing and grant management; Fundraising; Nonprofit management and operations; Networking with schoolteachers and nonprofit managers; Social media strategy development and management; Media production and editing, content creation; Research in quality contemporary children’s books; Opportunity to co-develop curriculum; Interactions with children.

Designing Healthier Communities

Designing Healthier Communities: Spring 2021 course delivery: Remote. Interests: community partners; user research (UX) practices, field observations; interview transcription; data collection and analysis; case studies; design thinking; fieldwork; participant/study observations; quantitative research methods; structured interviewing; All/Any majors. Recommended for: students in health sciences / community health; social and behavioral sciences; social work; and art and design.

Diversity in Tech

Diversity in Tech  Spring 2021 course deliveryRemote. Interests: diversity in technology fields, examine best practices for increasing diversity, and get involved in local High Schools. Majors: ALL experience: Completion of CS 121 preferred.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability: Spring 2021 course delivery: Hybrid. Majors: Anthropology; Bachelor of Applied Science; Biological Sciences; Computer Science; Environmental Studies Program; Geosciences; Global Studies; History; Interdisciplinary Studies; Multidisciplinary Studies; Philosophy; Political Science. Interests: climate change; mapping; data analysis; global change; governance; natural resource management; Introductory and Intermediate GIS.

Genome 2 Phenome

Genome 2 Phenome Spring 2021 course delivery: RemoteInterests: effect of climate change on northwestern US ecosystems. Majors: Biological Sciences, Biomolecular PhD Program, Computer Science

Housing Opportunities for All

Housing Opportunities for All  Spring 2021 course delivery: Hybrid. Interests: define and address housing issues in Idaho’s Treasure Valley. Students will learn strategies of data collection using a variety of qualitative, quantitative, and archival methods; data analysis, reporting, and visualization; community engagement; and effective communication. Students will also advance their skills in problem solving, teamwork, and leadership.  Majors: all 

Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship

Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship: Spring 2021 course delivery: not accepting new studentsInterests: international; design thinking; training modules; market-based analysis that is cognizant of socio-economic and environmental issues; applied ethnographic methods; poverty; teamwork; indoor air pollution and human health. Majors: Business; Civil Engineering; Communication; Construction Management; Economics; Environmental Studies Program; Finance; Global Studies; Information Technology & Supply Chain Management; Interdisciplinary Studies; Management; Marketing; Materials Science & Engineering; Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering; Health Sciences.

Immersive Virtual Reality

Immersive Virtual RealitySpring 2021 course delivery: Remote. Interests: virtual reality environments; GearVR, Occulus Rift, and Google Cardboard; virtual reality software, applications and digital environments; travel; field trips; capture 3D visuals; 3D design; computer graphics software; coding and coding software; computer vision systems; design thinking; fieldwork; human interface design; Any/all majors welcome to join. Students with majors in Art, GIMM, or Computer Science specifically saught.

Informatics Skunkworks

About Informatics SkunkworksSpring 2021 course delivery: Hybrid. Data science; machine learning, data mining, artificial intelligence; software tools (Citrination and MAST-ML); machine learning models; completing complex projects; goal oriented computer programming with languages such a Matlab, python, and R; Materials Science & Engineering; Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering.

Let’s Light Up Science

Let’s Light Up Science Spring 2021 course delivery: HybridInterests: using molecular structure-based design and ensemble analysis to envision applications for these fluorescent biomolecules to detect viral RNA and RNA remodeling in human health. Majors: All.

Make It!

Make It! Spring 2021 course delivery: Remote. Interests: prosthetic devices; assistive technology or other accessibility devices; occupational therapy; nonprofit; entrepreneurial thinking; design thinking; adult & early childhood education; active learning; audio & video creation; 3D Design; Aquino & Raspberry Pi; computing; teamwork; leadership; project management. All majors.

Mapping Sagebrush Restoration

Mapping Sagebrush Restoration: Spring 2021 course delivery: Hybrid. Interests: Mapping; modeling; ecosystem dynamics; natural resource management; habitat restoration; wildlife conservation; ecological restoration; sagebrush steppe; fieldwork; computer lab; sustainability; geospatial technology; GIS software, drones, and GPS; coding and coding software; case studies; mobile tech development; quantitative research methods; Majors: Bachelor of Applied Science; Biology; Civil Engineering;
Computer Science; Environmental Studies; Geosciences; Interdisciplinary Studies; Mathematics; Physics

NASA Microgravity University

NASA Microgravity University: Spring 2021 course delivery: in-person. Interests: systems engineering; human interface design; space exploration; communication, leadership, and teamwork; creativity; innovation. Majors: Education; Communications; Math; Electrical Engineering; Computer Science; Physics; Civil Engineering.

One Health

One Health Spring 2021 Course Delivery: Remote. Interests: interconnected relationship of animal, human and environmental health; value the viewpoints of different disciplines; communicate their solutions to address a global issue in a business model format. All majors. 

Pathways Open Education Resources (OER) Language Teaching Repository

About Pathways Open Education Resources (OER) Language Teaching Repository: Spring 2021 course plans: not accepting new students. Interests: foreign language; international; curriculum; educational materials; open access resources, digital activities; teaching and learning; intercultural competence; culture; collaboration; project-based learning. Majors: Pre-service language teachers; Advanced language majors; Graphic Design; Computer Science; Communication; Theater Arts; GIMM; Marketing.

Plant-Soil Interactions

Plant-Soil Interactions: Spring 2021 plans: Not accepting new students.  land-use, climate change; biodiversity; ecosystems; food production; climate regulation; plants and soil microbes; cycling of carbon; sustainability; crop production; climate models; laboratory techniques; experimental design; data analysis and dissemination; teamwork; Biology; Outreach to K-12 schools.


Plasma: Only accepting students to work in Engineering lab for Spring, BIO-CHEM lab is at capacity. Spring 2021 course delivery: hybrid.Interests: ionized gas; food safety; food processing equipment; in-space manufacturing; cold atmospheric pressure plasma (CAP); bacteria and biofilms; laboratory experimental preparation, data analysis, multidisciplinary teams, professional communication, and team leadership; engineering lab, laboratory testing, quantitative research methods, systems engineering, writing, health science; Majors: Electrical & Computer Engineering; Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Biochemistry; Biology; Material Science & Engineering.

Portable Secure Devices

Portable Secure Devices: Spring 2021 course delivery: hybrid. Interests: cybersecurity; active implantable medical devices (AIMDs); internet of things; health; public health; design and build a device; wireless communication; security issues; Arduino & Rasberry Pi Computing; Coding and coding software; Case studies; Design thinking; Engineering lab; Human interface design; Laboratory testing; Market research; Mobile tech development; Qualitative research methods; Quantitative research methods; Systems engineering; Writing; Majors: Biology; Computer Science; Electrical & Computer Engineering; Information Technology & Supply Chain Management; Materials Science & Engineering; Mathematics; Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering; Multidisciplinary Studies; Physics.

Raptor Conservation at The Peregrine Fund

Raptor Conservation at The Peregrine Fund:  Spring 2021 course delivery: Remote. Interests: raptor science; global impact; Birds of Prey; data collection, conservation; U.S. Endangered Species;  conservation efforts; environmental education, conserve habitat. Majors: Biology; Environmental Science; Education; Computer Sciences; Data Sciences; Statistics.

Shake It Up Afterschool

Shake It Up Afterschool: Spring 2021 course delivery: not accepting new students. Interests:  elementary school; Shakespeare; leadership; communication; teamwork and collaboration; time-management; literature; problem-solving; critical and creative thinking; K-12 outreach and coordination; non-profit management; children; fun. Any/All majors; Art; Communication; Construction Management; Curriculum, Instruction, and Foundation Studies; English; Information Technology & Supply Chain Management; Literacy, Language & Culture; Management; Marketing; Music; Teacher Education; Theatre Arts.

Shared Stories Lab

Shared Stories Lab: Spring 2021 course delivery: Remote. Interests: belonging; campus community; empathy; cooperation; interviewing; listening; project planning; database creation; grant writing; analysis design; database development; Any/All majors; Marketing; English; Computer Science; Anthropology; Information Technology Management; Education; Public Administration; Communication; Sociology; Social Work.

VAR Scent

VAR Scent: Spring 2021 course plan: Hybrid. Interests: virtual and/or augmented reality; smell and microfluidics technology, educational technology; customer needs and markets; design mechanical and electrical components; write computer programs; prototypes; industry partners, raise funds; 3D design, Arduino & Rasberry Pi Computing; coding and coding software; computer vision systems; engineering lab; fundraising and/or grant writing; instructional design; systems engineering; virtual reality; writing, oral presentations; metacognitive journals; Any/All majors; Chemistry-Biochemistry; Computer Science; Educational Technology; Electrical & Computer Engineering; Environmental Studies Program; Gaming and Interactive Mobile Media (GIMM); Marketing; Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering