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Departmental Deposits

Departmental Deposits are submitted to record payments received by Boise State departments.
Policy 6010: Cash Handling

Getting Started

What do I need to know before getting started?

  • Department Deposits are submitted to
  • Always use a new Departmental Deposit Template when submitting a request. Submit one template per deposit. Do not add lines or copy and paste over the “Key” column on the template.
  • Deposit Requirements: Deposits totaling $200 or more must be submitted to the bank within a day of receipt & uploads must be completed by the following day. Deposits totaling $199 or less must be processed within a week.
  • Each department is responsible for reconciling cash deposits to ensure the appropriate Fund, Department and Cost Centers is coded in Bronco Hub. Reconcile deposits recorded in Bronco Hub, via the Deposits – Campus Transaction Dashboard to the deposit transmittal receipts from Reconciliation should happen at least monthly.
  • To order deposit slips, endorsement stamps or bank deposit bags, submit a Deposit Supply Order Form.
  • Refer to the Cash Handling Procedure Guide for more information about proper cash handling at Boise State.
  • All staff receiving cash must be trained on actions to take during an emergency. The University’s Office of Emergency Management maintains an emergency actions manual that must be reviewed by staff receiving cash on behalf of the University.
  • In the event of a robbery, the unit that has been robbed is required to contact University Security (426-1453), Treasury Services (426-2864) and Internal Audit (426-3131) as soon as it is safe to do so.


Deposits – Campus Transaction Dashboard
Run the Deposits – Campus Transaction Dashboard to search deposit information by department or cost center, deposit type, preparer group, and/or accounting dates.

Confirm the accuracy of the funding segment string used for the deposit. If an incorrect segment string was used to code the deposit, a Journal Entry must be submitted. Visit Financial Transaction Corrections for more information.

Appropriated and Local Summary – BvA
The Budget vs Actuals (BvA) Reports should be reviewed at least once per month to ensure accuracy of financial transaction reporting and proper budget management. For more information about BvA Reporting, visit Financial Reporting.


What attachments are required when submitting Departmental Deposits?

  • Departmental Deposit Template: Complete and email this template to to request a Departmental Deposit.
  • Cash Deposits: Include a copy of the deposit slip and deposit bag number with the Departmental Deposit. Ensure dates are visible.
  • Credit Card Deposits: Include a copy of the credit card machine batch slip or a copy of the department’s third party system report verifying the deposit total. Ensure dates are visible.
  • ACH: Include a copy of the bank statement information from the Treasury Department verifying deposit total. Ensure dates are visible.
  • Desktop Deposit: Include a copy of the desktop deposit confirmation report from the bank verifying the deposit total. Ensure dates are visible.

Best Practices

What are best practices related to Departmental Deposits?

  • Always use a new Departmental Deposit Template when submitting a request.
  • Review departmental deposit slips at least once per month and verify accuracy of deposits in Bronco Hub by running the Deposits – Campus Transaction Dashboard.
  • Cash Security: Reasonable measures should be taken to ensure that proper security is maintained on cash drawers and/or tender held by a department. Reasonable security includes, but is not limited to, cash being attended at all times and locking up cash held overnight. Cash should be physically protected through the use of vaults, locked cash drawers, cash registers, locked metal boxes, etc.
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