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Employee Self Service (Me) Overview

What is Bronco Hub Employee Self Service (Me)?

Employee self service is a human resources self service portal where employees can manage and view their personal information, benefits, time and absences and more.

There are five areas within Bronco Hub “Me” where employees can complete HR actions or view information:

  1. Career and Performance
  2. Pay
  3. Personal Information
  4. Time and Absences
  5. Worklist 
  6. Employee Self Service Dashboard

Scroll through the content below for more information about actions completed within each area. Select a link for step by step instructions to complete the related action in Bronco Hub.

1. Career and Performance

Employees have the option to use this section as a personal repository for any skills, qualifications, certifications or other information. Human Resources does not require the use of this module and adding information is completely optional. To add skills and qualifications to your personal repository, follow the instructions on the Add Skills and Qualifications to Personal Employee Repository job aid.

2. Pay

View pay slips, add or update direct deposit information and view or update tax withholdings in the Pay section of Bronco Hub.

  1. View pay slips
  2. Add or Update Direct Deposit Information as a Boise State Employee
  3. View or Update Federal and State Income Tax Withholding (W-4)

What about the other options in the Pay section?

The following action within the Pay section is not being used at this time:

  • View Year End Documents (W-2, 1095-C)
  • Document Delivery Preferences (related to year end documents)

Year end documents are provided by ADP outside of Bronco Hub. View details about Year-End Documents here.

3. Personal Information

There are six available actions within the Personal Info module:

  1. View and Update Personal Details
  2. View and Update Personal Contact Information
  3. View and Update Family and Emergency Contacts
  4. View Employment Info
  5. View Additional Assignment Info
  6. View Compensation

What about other options in the Personal Information section?

The following actions within the Personal Information section of Bronco Hub are not being used at this time:

  • Document Records
  • Identification Info

4. Time and Absences – Employee Self Service

There are seven available actions within the Time and Absences module:

  1. Enter, Save or Submit a Time Card for Yourself (required for hourly employees only)
  2. Update a Saved or Submitted Time Card
  3. Create and Submit a Request for Time Away from Work (Absence)
  4. View Leave Accrual Balance
  5. View, Update or Withdraw a Request for Time Away from Work (Absence) as an Employee 
  6. View Personal Scheduled Absence Calendar
  7. View Team Scheduled Absences
  8. Understanding Bronco Hub Payslip (provides an overview of information in each payslip section)

5. Worklist

The Worklist module within Bronco Hub will display any tasks or actions that need your attention.

Logging in to Bronco Hub is optional for employees because notifications will also be sent via email when you need to complete an action related to employee self service.

As an example, your Line Manager (Supervisor) may request additional information from you about your time card submission. You will receive an email with details about the information requested, you can respond directly to the email OR you can access the Worklist in Bronco Hub to respond and provide more information.

6. Employee Self Service Dashboard

The Employee Self Service Dashboard is a one stop shop for employees to view details about their benefit enrollments and job and salary information.

All employees have access to run the Employee Self Service Dashboard to see their personal information.

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