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Employee Travel

When an employee travels outside of a 100 mile radius, from their official work station, employee travel policies apply.
An approved Travel Authorization is required before any funds are spent, either personally or by the university.
Policy 6140: P-Card
Policy 6180: Travel
Policy 6240: Meals and Refreshments
Policy 6290: Accountable Plan

Getting Started

What do I need to know before getting started?

  • A Travel Authorization (TA) must be submitted before travel related expenses occur outside a 100-mile radius of the employee’s official work station.
  • A Travel Authorization is required (1) by the State of Idaho, (2) to encumber/reserve funds, (3) for Duty of Care, and (4) for absence approval documentation purposes.
  • Travel Authorizations are submitted via the Travel Authorization Application located on
  • Reimbursements do not take place until the employee returns from travel and an Expense Report is submitted and approved. For information about employee reimbursements, visit Expense Reports.
  • Personal travel must be clearly identified and documented when combined with business travel.
  • To ensure proper reimbursement, telecommute agreements should be setup with HR when employees will be working from somewhere outside the University or one of the University Satellite offices. For more information on telecommuting, select this link.


Appropriated and Local Summary – BvA
Run the Budget vs Actuals (BvA) Reports at least once per month to ensure accuracy of financial transaction reporting and proper budget management.

Run the Appropriated and Local Summary – BvA to review encumbrances related to employee travel. Encumbrances are released after a related Expense Report is submitted and approved. For more information about BvA Reporting, visit Financial Reporting.

Expense Report – Campus Transaction Dashboard
Use the Travel Authorization Number search field on the Expense Report- Campus Transaction Dashboard to view travel reimbursement details like related Expense Report number, reimbursement amount, reimbursement status, date of reimbursement and funding segment string used to code the transaction.


What attachments are required when submitting a Travel Authorization?

  • If combining personal and business travel, a price comparison for airfare must be included as a PDF attachment (screenshots are not acceptable). Comparisons include the date, time and ticket cost for business only travel and ticket cost for business plus personal travel.
  • Internal documents may need to be attached based on business need to support department specific business processes.

Tools & Documents

What travel tools & documents should I be aware of?

  • Per diem calculator: use this tool to calculate employee travel per diem rates.
  • Telecommute agreement: submit this form to HR if your official workspace is a location outside the University or a University Satellite office.

Best Practices

What are best practices for employee travel?

  • Start early. Employee Travel and Expense Reimbursement Services recommends submitting the Travel Authorization (TA) no less than two months before the travel will take place.
  • By policy, travel and travel related expenses should not take place until the TA is approved.
  • If submitting a TA on behalf of another employee, add the traveler as the first approver for the TA. For more information see the Creating and Submitting Travel Authorizations job aid.
  • The supervisor of the traveler, the funding source person for the department, and the P.I. (for grant funded travel) should be added as approvers for the TA.
  • Save and attach PDF of price comparison for personal vs business and personal travel when submitting a Travel Authorization.
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