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Bronco Hub Approval Workflow

What is the Bronco Hub approval workflow?

Bronco Hub approval workflow is the automated routing of submitted financial transactions or HR actions to predetermined approvers and processors. Select a tab below to learn more about the related approval workflow.

Bronco Hub Approval Workflow Descriptions

Bronco Hub Approval Workflow Q & A

Approval Workflow Q&A

Who are the approvers for my department?

Visit the Standard Approval Workflow Matrix to see a list of department approvers for each transaction type.

How can I request a permanent change for a department approver?

Submit the Approval Workflow Maintenance Form to permanently update an approver for a department.

I’m an approver in the Bronco Hub approval workflow and I’m going on vacation, can someone else approve transactions while I’m gone?

Yes! Follow the instructions on the Delegate Approval for Bronco Hub Transactions job aid.

How will I know if there are transactions waiting for me to approve?

An email notification is sent to approvers with a request to review and take action on items submitted in Bronco Hub.

For information about approving Bronco Hub financial transactions, select the Approving or Rejecting a Financial Transaction via Email Notification job aid.

For information about approving Bronco Hub HR Manager Self Service actions, select the View and Take Action on Manager Self Service Actions job aid.

Can I see who has approved a transaction?

Yes! To see who has approved a financial transaction, follow the instructions on the Transaction Approval Dashboard job aid.

To see who has approved an HR Manager Self Service action, follow the instructions on the View Initiated Bronco Hub Tasks job aid.

Can additional approvers be added to the approval queue for a specific transaction?

Yes! Existing approvers can use the Ad Hoc / Route Task functionality to add another approver for a specific transaction.