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Bronco Hub Approval Workflow

What is the Bronco Hub approval workflow?

Bronco Hub approval workflow is the automated routing of submitted financial transactions or HR actions to predetermined approvers and processors. Select an approval workflow type from the table below to learn more about the related approval workflow.

Visit the Standard Approval Workflow Matrix to see a list of department approvers.

Types of Bronco Hub Approval Workflow

Approval Workflow Resources

Approvers receive an email notification when an item requiring their review and action is submitted in Bronco Hub. Approvers can take action via email or can take action by logging into Bronco Hub and accessing their worklist.

If needed, approvers can modify the standard approval workflow in the following ways:

  1. Add an additional approver on an ad hoc (one time) occurrence
  2. Delegate approval workflow responsibility for a specified or open ended time frame (video instructions for delegating approval)

If a department approver listed in the standard approval workflow matrix needs to be updated permanently, submit the approval workflow maintenance request.

Video instructions for checking the approval status of a financial transaction

Approval Status

Video instructions for troubleshooting and diagnosing routing issues

Routing Issues