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Independent Contractor

A non-Boise State employee providing technical or unique services for the University; an individual with a particular set of skills to perform a specific task.

Policy 6150: Independent Contractors

Independent Contractor Resources

Getting Started

What do I need to know before getting started?

  • The Independent Contractor Classification Request form (ICCR) is the first step in working with a non-Boise State employee that will be providing a service to the University (for more details see the IC Companion Guide)
  • Follow the steps on the Inviting Vendors to PaymentWorks job aid to add a new supplier to Bronco Hub. Do not request a Substitute W-9 from the vendor/supplier.
  • Payables will notify the requester listed on the ICCR with appropriate classification for the request submitted on the ICCR.
  • Non-grant funded IC classifications include the assignment of a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA). A BPA is a tool in Bronco Hub used to monitor and track payments outlined in the Contract for Service.
  • Grant funded IC classifications do not include the use of BPA; additional information about next steps is provided to the IC requester.

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External Supplier Orders and Payments


What attachments are required in Bronco Hub?

  • Contract/Agreement: Written contracts and/or agreements approved or drafted by General Counsel for a supplier.
  • Supplier Invoice. If the supplier does not have an official invoice, email for instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the State of Idaho, IRS, and Department of Labor forms related to working with Independent Contractors?

Check out the Additional Resources links on this page to read more about Common Law Rules, Fact Sheets, and Worker Classification resources.

What are the allowed and not allowed expenses for Independent Contractor work?

Review this matrix to learn more about allowed and not allowed expenses.

Best Practices

What are best practices for submitting an Independent Contractor Requisition?

  • Start early. The Independent Contractor Classification must occur prior to the start of service. Payables recommends completing the ICCR at least two weeks prior to the start of service.
  • When in doubt, fill out the ICCR to initiate classification.
  • If you receive a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA), follow the payment instructions included in the Creating and Submitting Independent Contractor Requisitions job aid.
  • Attach the related contract and invoice in Bronco Hub.

Support Contacts

IC Requisition Support (Sponsored Project Funds)

For questions about Standard Requisitions (documentation, policy, requirements, etc.) contact or call (208) 426-1283

Bronco Hub Support

For questions related to job aids or Bronco Hub functionality questions/concerns, contact the Office of Continuous Improvement at

Support with IC Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) Requisition Payment(s)

For questions related to the BPA Payment process contact  or call (208)426-3101

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