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Absence Approval Email Notifications

What do I need to know about approving absences via email?

Line managers receive a system generated email when a direct report submits an absence request. The absence request approval email subject line is, “Action Required: Approval of [Absence Type] for [Employee Name] from [Dates of Absence].”

Absence email notifications includes the following four sections and related information:

  1. Header: Employee Name, Absence Date(s) and Total Duration of Absence Hours
  2. Absence Request: Absence Type, Absence Reason, Start and End Date, Duration of Hours and any comments submitted
  3. Impacted Assignments: The assignment name of the position the request is for. This information is helpful if the employee holds more than one position.
  4. Approval History: The name(s) of all approvers.

Approvers should pay close attention to the Assignment Number and Absence Request details to confirm accuracy of information submitted.

What actions can approvers take on submitted absences?

After reviewing the absence details, approvers can either Approve, Reject or Request More Information through the email notification.

    • Approve: This will approve the absence request and it will be forwarded to Payroll for processing during the applicable pay period.
    • Reject: This will reject the absence. Please note, comments are required when rejecting an action.
    • Request Information: This will pause the absence. The absence submitter will receive an email with the information requested and can edit the absence or provide additional information as needed. Once the absence is edited or additional information is submitted, the approver will receive a follow-up notification prompting them to review the information and take action on the absence.

After selecting an action, you must select “Send” on the email response that generates. If you don’t send the email, the submission will stay in your approval queue.

The employee will receive a system generated email with information about the action taken. If you request more information, the employee will need to edit and resubmit the request for you to review and approve before the entries route to payroll for processing.