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Bronco Hub Time Management

Line managers, and employees with access to review and take action on timecards on behalf of their unit or department, should access Time Management to search for time cards created Bronco Hub. Time Management can also be used to create new or edit existing time cards on behalf of employees.

Searching for Time Cards

Navigate to Bronco Hub > My Organization > Time Management > Team Time Cards to search for time cards in order to view details, to make edits, or to take action (e.g. approve or reject).

You can search for a single employee, or by department and status. Time Card status search options are: Saved, Entered, Submitted, Rejected, Approved, In Error and Incomplete.

Creating or Editing Time Cards

If you attempt to create a time card for another employee and aren’t able to, it’s possible the employee hire hasn’t completed or that the assignment isn’t active.  If you are a direct report are unable to create a time card, submit the HR ServiceNow support request form for assistance.

Employees with Multiple Hourly Assignments

If any of your direct reports has more than one hourly assignment, in Time Management you will be able to see time submitted for any/all positions, even if you don’t supervise the position(s).

If needed, navigate to the Bronco Hub Worklist to see and take action on entries for only the position(s) you oversee.