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Abby Cain Student Spotlight

With so much Spanish under my belt from junior high and high school, including AP classes, finding a university with a Spanish major as well as a program to support my prior learning was crucial. Growing up in Boise, I never thought of myself being a Bronco. However, once I attended Bronco Day and discovered the World Language Department, I knew this was the school for me.


During my years here, I have had incredible opportunities through the World Language Department. I began my job in the World Languages Resource Center my freshman year and have been here ever since. Last summer, I received an internship with the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), and am currently working on a grant project under Dr. Kelly Arispe.


The World Language Department has been invaluable in my journey to becoming a Spanish teacher for secondary students. I always describe the Spanish Secondary Education major as the Spanish major with education classes instead of other electives, making it extremely valuable to me as a current student and future teacher.


I feel my education at Boise State has more than prepared me to begin teaching and continue learning. My professors and supervisors have encouraged me to endlessly pursue knowledge and to never stop being a learner during my career as an educator. I am so thankful for my experience at Boise State, and look forward to a lifetime of sharing my love for the language and the many associated cultures with my sweet future students, who I am so excited to get to know.


I recommend the World Language Department to anyone and everyone! There is something for each and every Boise State student here. I have been blown away by the opportunities within this department, and feel confident they will continue to grow.