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Spoken by:

220 million people worldwide


Countries where Portuguese is Spoken:

Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique

Why Study Portuguese?

  • “Brazil is the world’s fifth-largest country. Speaking Portuguese will jumpstart your job opportunities in fields such as energy, food safety, engineering, and construction…”
    – “2019 Index of Economic Freedom”
  • “Portuguese is spoken by almost 220 million people worldwide. The sixth most popular language in the world, Portuguese is widely spoken on four continents and is the official language of eight countries.”
    – “World Population Review
  • “Pairing Portuguese with Spanish will multiply your chances for success whether as a tourist or for business—a great addition to your language repertoire. These two languages cover all of South America plus many other regions of Europe, Africa and Asia.”
    – “Portuguese Pod 101
  • “Portuguese is not usually the first language of choice for second language learners, and that’s a good thing for you! Distinguish yourself by learning an important yet not often studied language.”
    – “Lead with Languages


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News & Updates

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