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Academic Coaching

An academic coach and student are seated and writing on a calendar.

Develop study skills and strategies for remote learning

Academic coaching is customized to meet your needs! You will:

  • Establish academic goals and create a strategic action plan for achieving those goals
  • Learn and practice research-based strategies that promote academic success
  • Be held accountable and evaluate¬†your progress
  • Receive honest and specific feedback and encouragement


***AASC is only offering video appointments at this time***

To schedule a Zoom academic coaching appointment


For academic development and recovery academic coaching, schedule here:

Academic Coaching can be an important resource for students on probation, reinstated students, or for those who feel they are struggling to meet their academic goals. If you have chosen to complete academic coaching as part of your reinstatement process, please click the link below.

Schedule an Appointment for Academic Development and Recovery Academic Coaching