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Academic Coaching or ACAD 102 Requirement

If you are returning to Boise State following a second or third reinstatement, you are required to complete either (1) ACAD 102 or (2) three Academic Coaching sessions.  Students can choose the option that best supports their specific needs and unique schedule.

ACAD 102: Academic Recovery and Success

This three-credit course promotes satisfactory academic progress by examining the behaviors, habits, and mindset associated with academic success. Students will focus on goal setting, motivation, academic skill building, and time management skills needed to achieve their educational and personal goals. This a 10-week, in-person course. 

If you choose to enroll in ACAD 102, you must have a passing grade of C- or better in the course at the withdrawal deadline for the Probation Advising Required hold to be lifted.

Academic Coaching

Academic coaching consists of regular one-on-one meetings with an ADR advisor where you will learn and practice research-based strategies that promote academic success, establish academic goals, and create a strategic action plan for achieving those goals. Your ADR advisor will provide you with encouragement and honest feedback, as well as hold you accountable.

If you choose to participate in academic coaching, you agree to complete all three coaching sessions on the following timeline:

  • First coaching session must be completed no later than the end of week 3.
  • Second coaching session must occur between weeks 4 and 6.
  • Third coaching session must occur between weeks 7 and 12.

You can schedule your first coaching session with your ADR advisor here. You must complete all required academic coaching sessions for the Probation Advising Required hold to be lifted.

If you have any questions about these requirements, please email