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Step 2: Review Scholarship and Financial Aid Opportunities (Transfer Students)

Scholarships, grants, loans, OH MY! There are so many ways to help fund your education at Boise State.

  • WHY: In addition to possibly qualifying for merit-based scholarships based on Scholarship Deadlines, you can apply for additional scholarships and financial aid opportunities available at Boise State to help with your cost of attendance!
  • WHEN: FAFSA opens on October 1st (Date may be changing in Fall 2023) each year with a priority deadline of February 15th. The Boise State General Scholarship Application is also available for admitted (and current students) with a deadline of February 15th. Automatic merit-based scholarship deadlines vary based on residency. Please feel free to review Boise State scholarship opportunities for your specific dates and deadlines!
  • HOW: Use your My.BoiseState account information to log in and apply for the General Scholarship Application. You can view and accept your Financial Aid Package and Scholarships through your My.BoiseState account.┬áCurious as to what it might cost to attend Boise State? Check out the Bottom Line Estimator to tailor your costs based on tuition, scholarships, housing and more!
  • QUESTIONS? Contact your Admissions Counselor! You can also reach out to the Financial Aid Office at (208) 426-1664 or


If you are a first year or non-traditional student, your next steps may differ from those of first year students.