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Your 4 Year Career Plan

Building your career begins the day you start earning your degree. Career Services is your go-to resource to plan for and achieve your career goals.

Graphic of the employability equation. Text reads: Employability equals degree plus the right skills plus experiences outside the classroom plus the right professional contacts
Employability = Degree + The Right Skills + Experiences Outside the Classroom + The Right Professional Contacts

Year 1:

Start Career Planning Immediately

  1. Take the PathwayU career assessment
  2. Meet with your career counselor to interpret your assessment results, explore your major and career options, find out how to gain experience, and get help with resumes, cover letters, and interviewing for part-time jobs
  3. Use Handshake to apply for on-campus jobs

Year 2:

Develop Your Career
Preparation Plan

  1. Work on your plan with your career counselor
  2. Attend a Career Fair to learn what employers look for and explore internship opportunities
  3. Start building your professional network by connecting with alumni on BroncoLink and getting quick answers to your career questions
  4. Set up informational interviews

Year 3:

Pursue Experiences
Outside the Classroom

  1. Meet with your career counselor to find experiences related to your career goals, build your LinkedIn profile, and get help writing a great resume and cover letter
  2. Gain experience for your career – apply for internships and/or Work U

Year 4:

Learn How to Tell Your Story

  1. Meet with your career counselor to get help telling your unique story to employers, and complete a practice interview
  2. Attend Career Fairs to explore job opportunities and network with professionals
  3. Use Handshake to apply for jobs

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From your first year at Boise State to your last, Career Services is here to help you make the most of your college experience.

Take the next step now and make an appointment, come to drop-ins, or use the tools in our Virtual Career Center.

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