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Common Forms

Travel and Reimbursement

Travel Authorization Form All travel taken as a university employee or student requires the submission of a Travel Authorization form. A Travel Authorization is a tool used to pre-authorize employee travel and related expenses outside a 100-mile radius of an official work station. Your TA must include itinerary and please be as descriptive as possible in the purpose field.

No Cost Travel still requires a TA to be submitted. In this case, when entering expenses, choose ‘Paid by Third Party’.

Overview of employee travel and travel authorizations.

Instructions on how to submit a travel authorization. 

TA approvers

  1. Ashley Klepec
  2. Your Supervisor
  3. Lisa Paxton
  4. Marcy Harmer

Travel Forms

Students can share a hotel room but individual rooms are preferred. Faculty are permitted to use Airbnb. Reservations must be secured and paid by the guest using the accommodations. Geosciences administrative staff will not purchase and manage Airbnb reservations.

Student Travel Forms