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Boise State’s Military Programs celebrate Tuition Assistance Promise’s fourth anniversary

Buster Bronco in a helicopter with Boise State Military Students

In May of 2019, Boise State University Military Programs introduced the Tuition Assistance Promise to honor the federal government’s Tuition Assistance rate of $250 per credit. This tuition assistance is offered for select undergraduate online degree programs to active duty, guard and reserve members.

Eligible online degree programs for the Tuition Assistance Promise include:

This May is the fourth year of the Tuition Assistance (TA) Promise, and Boise State is continuing to honor service members through its fully online degree programs. These online programs allow service members to work towards a degree in the midst of working full-time, relocation and deployments.

Assisting Those Who Serve Through the TA Promise

Getting a degree can be costly, and Boise State’s main goal is to help bridge the gap between the current tuition costs and federal tuition assistance for those who have served through the TA Promise. The TA Promise helps motivate service members to utilize the educational resources available to them and provide them with the skills and knowledge they need for a career outside of the military.

In 2022, the average military student who participated in the TA Promise saved over $1000. These savings allow students to eliminate the remaining tuition that the federal Tuition Assistance does not cover. The TA Promise helps eliminate some of the financial burden that prevents so many military students from pursuing an education while they are currently serving.

Boise State Online aims to serve military students across the globe. Since the TA Promise was introduced, Boise State has seen a 740% increase in military students enrolled in online programs, with 32 military students in 2019 and 269 in 2023.

Supporting Military Students

Matthew Roth
Matthew Roth

The Tuition Assistance Promise isn’t the only way Boise State supports military students from application through graduation. Boise State Military Programs provides streamlined processes and innovative educational opportunities, as well as testing services that allow service members to earn college credits and provides professional development opportunities that can help enhance students’ careers while in the military and post military.

Applied science graduate Matthew Roth utilized the TA Promise and was able to cut down on the costs required to complete his degree. Roth advises service members to take the steps toward earning their degree.

“The military is not forever, so set yourself up for the future. It allows you to meet people and open doors in ways you wouldn’t have thought,” Roth said. “Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there as a student. Take advantage of everything the college has to offer.”

Connect with Military Programs

Boise State Military Programs are here to support the needs of military members and assist them in furthering their education. The support Boise State provides can ease the process of getting a degree for service members and provides them with a variety of fully online degree programs to choose from. Boise State is here to provide service members with the assistance they need in order set themselves up for a successful career during and after their service.

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