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Contract Checklist

The purpose of this Checklist is to determine what documentation is needed for review prior to submission. Review the checklist and address applicable issues as listed on this page.

Before Submitting Contract for Review

  • Read the contract.  The department is responsible for making sure all terms and conditions meet your business needs.  If you have questions note it on the contract routing form.
  • Do not have the vendor or the department sign the contract.  Please wait until the contract has been approved by OGC.
  • Contact other required department(s) or units listed next if applicable for verification.  If in progress proceed to submit the contract routing form.

Other Required Department Approvals list if applicable:

What Documents Do I need to Submit a Contract for Review?

Contract Routing Form

The contract submission must be approved by a Dean, Associate Dean, Director, Assistant Director, Associate Director, Business Manager, Manager, Associate Manager, Assistant Manager, Senior Manager, VP, or Associate VP. Keep in mind that having authority to approve the submission of the Contract Routing Form does not necessarily mean you can sign the contract. Only those with VP/CFO delegated signature authority may sign a contract.

Email Verification(s)

Other required approval email from other department(s) or unit(s).

The Contract

In addition to the contract include any reference such as terms or conditions. Submit the following:

  • Submit documents through online contract routing form.
  • Include a Microsoft Word version of the contract, if available.
  • Include all attachments or other referenced documents.
  • Include a copy of the original contract for any renewals or amendments, and all prior renewals and amendments.

Additional information

Include information that you feel would be relevant for review; concerns, summary of services to be provided, questions about the agreement, etc.

How Do I Submit a Contract for Review?

Please submit the contract for review through the Online Contract Routing Form.