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Plan and Buy

Before making purchases it is important to understand buying limits, university contracts and policy. Below you will find tiles linking to information on the most common purchasing activities and an overview of guidelines that show procurement options the university has and how buying limits determine which procurement method to use.

Resource Links

Gifts and Awards

Advanced planning is needed for Gifts and Awards. Details and information can be found on the following page.

Consultants, Speakers and Other Independent Contractors

A non-Boise State employee providing technical or unique services for the University; an individual with a particular set of skills to perform a specific task.


University P-Card is the preferred purchasing method for goods and services. P-Card purchases are generally up to $2,999 per transaction.

Requisitions and POs

A Purchase Requisition is a request to purchase goods and/or services from an external supplier, includes software renewal and service contract renewal.

State Contracts

University, State and other contracts


Additional Resources

PunchOut Catalogs

State pricing catalog orders that start in Bronco Hub, “punch out” to an external ordering system and finish in Bronco Hub via Purchase Requisition module.

Sponsored Project Purchases

There are requirements and procedures for spending Federal Financial Assistance (i.e. Grants and Cooperative Agreements) funds, visit the following page for more information.

Travel and Event Preparation

Travel and Expenses for a valid business purpose must have proper approvals and documentation.


Information for Current Solicitations, Sole Source and setting up suppliers can be found here.

Procurement Policy Exemption Requests

Exemption from using a Mandatory State Contract, Sole Source Bidding, Emergency Purchase Bidding, Direct Negotiation Bidding or Scientific Equipment for Research Bidding

P2P Resources

Forms, Policies, Contracts and Assistance
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