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Independent Contractor Resources

Submitting Independent Contractor Requisitions

Review Submitting Independent Contractor Requisitions Job Aid

Independent Contractor Related Policies

Review Boise State 6150 Independent Contractor Services before starting the Independent Contractor process.

Standard Operating Procedures for Independent Contractors

Independent Contractor/Non-Employee MatrixProvides campus users with sufficiently detailed information to understand what expenses are allowed and not allowed with Independent Contractors.Independent Contractor / Nonemployee – Honorarium, Guest, Participant Matrix (rev 2/4/2020)
Introduction to Independent Contractors Self Guided TrainingThis course provides information about policy, processes and need to knows when working with Independent Contractors and is recommended to all employees responsible for working with and making payments to an Independent Contractor or anyone with questions about Independent Contractor processes.Introduction to Independent Contractors Self Guided Training 
Process OverviewThis document provides an overview of all the forms, procedural steps and policies related to the Independent Contractor process.Independent Contractor Classification – Process Overview (rev 9/13/19)

Forms for completing the Independent Contractor Process

Form LinkDescription
Independent Contractor Classification Request online formComplete and submit this form to receive a determination if the vendor/supplier should be classified as a University employee or an independent contractor.
Independent Contractor Classification Request Companion Guide (rev 9/19)Use this companion guide to assist in understanding the detail and content of the online Independent Contractor Classification Request form.
PaymentWorks Supplier Invitation (new 11/20)

PaymentWorks Video (new 11/20)
Vendor on-boarding tool.
Contract for Services Use this form when contracting with consultants, contractors, special services, etc.
Local Engagement AgreementUse this form when contracting with speakers, artists and performers, where the event is advertised, or merchandise is being sold.

Additional Resources

External Links

IRS Publications

IRS Publication 15-A Chapter 2 (Employee vs Independent Contractor Common Law Rules)

IRS Publication p1779 (Independent Contractor or Employee)

Idaho Industrial Commission

Idaho Industrial Commission (Employee or Independent Contractor)

Idaho Industrial Commission (Independent Contractor or Employee?)

Department of Labor

U.S. Department of Labor Fact Sheet #13

Idaho State

Idaho State – Worker Classification (Resources and Developments – State’s General Test)