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Assessment Support

Campus Resources to Support PLO Development and Assessment

In order to support departments development and assessment of Program Learning Outcomes, we have compiled the following list of resources available at Boise State:

Program Learning Outcomes

Data Requests & Tools to Collect Data

  • Institutional Effectiveness (See IE website for more details)
  • Departments can map survey items to desired PLOs and/or add custom questions.
  • Student success including retention and progress to degree (i.e. the “fate/source” data) and course pathways (i.e. performance in one course compared to performance in another course).
  • PAR reporting efforts are led by Institutional Effectiveness and the IE office can provide specific consultation to departments at any stage of the PLO assessment process.
  • National Survey of Student Engagement data broken down by college (See more at
  • A request to for alumni data can be made.  If you need assistance completing the form, please contact the Assessment Faculty Associate in Institutional Effectiveness (
  • The IDEA Shop can assist departments in creating a system to collect learning samples (assignments, reflections) from students and/or faculty through e-portfolio assessment groups.
  • Learning Technology Solutions can assist departments by supporting other learning technology systems including Canvas, Qualtrics, and Classroom Clickers.  These tools can be used to gather artifacts of student learning (direct assessment) or survey feedback (indirect assessment).

University Learning Outcomes Data Reports

  • See all ULO Assessment Reports
  • ULO criteria can be mapped to desired PLOs for general student population reporting.
  • Student learning artifacts from writing (ULO 1), Oral Communication (ULO 2), Critical Inquiry (ULO 3), Teamwork (ULO 4), Ethics (ULO 5), and Diversity/Internationalization (ULO 6) can be extracted from e-portfolios for review of a departments’ majors.
  • Summary of student learning outcomes assessed for ULO’s 1-6 can be provided for a subset of students from the e-portfolio system.

Support for designing courses, curricula, or assessments of learning from courses