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Walking Directions

  1. Facing the indent in the blue light, turn right and walk back to the last concrete sidewalk intersection. 
  2. Turn left and head Northeast, following the left side of the sidewalk.  
  3. After only a few feet, the dirt/planter will break for a concrete intersection. You can turn left and walk up the ramp, following the handrail or you can walk forward for several more feet and turn left at the next concrete intersection. Following the sidewalk to the stairs and go up the stairs. 
  4. Go through the door at the top of the landing into the Administration building. 
  5. Once inside, follow the hallway for about 250 feet, until you find a drinking fountain on the right side of the hall. If you continue a few more feet forward, you will find where two large hallways intersect. 
  6. Turn left at this intersection and walk forward until you find wooden double doors.
  7. Welcome to the Registrar’s office. 
  8. Enter this room.
  9. Move several feet forward and then turn right. You will find a receptionist desk.


Here is your task.

First introduce yourself to the Library Front Desk and tell them that Candice sent you. Now ask them, How do Broncos study?