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Walking Directions

  1. Continue walking Northwest. Use caution, the next stretch of sidewalk is actually a crosswalk that connects two parking lots. 
  2. Once through the crosswalk, you will find a patch of dirt on the right side of the sidewalk. Follow the line where the sidewalk meets the dirt. You will follow this sidewalk for approximately 750 feet. 
  3. Again, there will be several breaks in this line where you will find concrete instead of dirt. The first break will be for several yards. Keep going until you find the next place where the sidewalk and grass/dirt meet.
  4. Continue past the second, third and fourth break. Keep in mind, the fourth break is also pretty long and contains some metal bike racks.  
  5. Continue to follow the line where the concrete meets grass and dirt until you reach the fifth break. 
  6. Now that you have reached the fifth concrete intersection, turn right.
  7. Walk forward several feet.
  8. There will be a set of stairs in front of you. Walk up the stairs.  
  9. This is the main entrance of the Albertson’s Library. Go through two sets of glass double doors. 
  10. Once inside, walk forward for about 50 feet. 
  11. Move forward until you find a small reception desk area slightly to the right in the main hall.
  12. Heads up. They have moved the reception desk recently. If you are having any troubles finding it, simply state that you need assistance and a library attendant should be able to help you.


Here is your task.

First introduce yourself to the Library Front Desk Attendant and tell them that Candice sent you. Now ask them, how do Broncos have fun?