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Native American Scholarship

As of Spring 2023, members of Idaho’s five federally-recognized Native American tribes (Coeur d’Alene, Kootenai, Nez Perce, Shoshone-Bannock, and Shoshone-Paiute) are eligible for the Native American Scholarship.

  • New applicants to Boise State will be considered based on the information on their admission application.
  • Continuing students may complete¬†the Native American Scholarship Application (pdf) and provide documentation of Tribal Membership to Student Financial Services through one of the following methods:
    • Fax: (208) 426-3050
    • Mail: 1910 University Drive, Boise, ID, 83725-1246
    • In person: Administration Building Room 101
  • This scholarship never requires students to reapply.
  • Once approved, eligible degree-seeking Native American students may attend Boise State at the tuition rate of $60 per credit plus all activity and other course fees.
  • Courses listed on the Alternative Fee Programs Website are not eligible for the scholarship.
  • Please contact Student Financial Services if you have questions or need assistance.
  • For more information, please see the Native American Scholarship FAQ Page on the Financial Aid website.

Fall 2023-Spring 2024 Native American Scholarship Rates: Undergraduate and Graduate

Number of CreditsTuitionActivity/Facility FeeTotal Cost
11$660$1420.52 (full time flat rate)$2,080.52
12$720$1420.52 (full time flat rate)$2,140.52
13$780$1420.52 (full time flat rate)$2,200.52
14$840$1420.52 (full time flat rate)$2,260.52
15$900$1420.52 (full time flat rate)$2,320.52
16$960$1420.52 (full time flat rate)$2,380.52
17$1020$1420.52 (full time flat rate)$2,440.52
18$1080$1420.52 (full time flat rate)$2,500.52