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Vendor/Supplier Information for Businesses

Current Solicitations

Current solicitations for goods and services are listed below. Because these postings are updated regularly, we encourage you to visit our site frequently. These documents are available by clicking on the solicitation title. If you have any questions or problems in accessing these documents, please contact the appropriate buyer listed.

Follow the instructions in the solicitation regarding when and how to submit the offer/proposal. Please note the closing date of each solicitation, as late submissions will be rejected. Solicitation addenda (if applicable) will be listed below each solicitation. It is the vendor’s responsibility to check for any addenda. Submissions received without acknowledgement of addenda may be rejected.

Request for Proposal (RFPs) and Invitation to Bid (ITBs) are opened publicly identifying the names of the suppliers/Vendors. All other information is confidential during the evaluation period. The public openings will be held in the Boise State Purchasing Department, University Plaza Building, 960 Broadway Ave, Suite 300, Boise, Idaho, unless otherwise stated in the solicitation document.

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Sole Source Legal Notice

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Boise State Standard Contract Terms and Conditions (pdf) (rev 2/2018)

Purchasing Appeals Process (pdf) (rev 3/2014)

Solicitation Instructions to Vendors (pdf) (rev 2/2018)

Substitute W-9/Direct Deposit Form and Instructions (pdf) (rev 6/2020)