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As a part of University Financial Services and Procurement and Vendor Services, we are dedicated to helping onboard new employees and assisting with the relocation process.

Activities and Services Include

  • Processing relocation receipts and expense.
  • Providing guidance on selecting approved moving companies.
  • Providing relevant policy and statutory guidance.
  • Reviewing employment contracts.
  • Completing EAFs for relocation reimbursement.

Relocation funds are sometimes offered to help defray the cost of moving to Boise. If you have negotiated relocation funds as part of your employment contract, this page contains resources to assist you with your move. These resources are intended for use by new employees who have been approved for relocation funds. Reimbursements can only be paid after the employee’s official start date. If you have any questions about these resources, contact the Relocation Reimbursement Specialist in Procurement and Vendor Services at 208-426-2909 or

Moving Policy

Please review Boise State 7140 Moving Policy prior to using your personal funds to pay for certain relocation costs and/or before advising a new employee on their relocation costs.


General Moving Information Forms and Documents

Internal Links

Basic Moving Guidelines for New Hires
Moving Guidelines for Departments
Moving Expense Agreement
Preferred Rate Moving Companies