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Improve your accessibility skills with Tech Tuesdays

You know accessible content is crucial for a high-quality web experience. Beyond that, accessible content is essential for assistive technology users to access basic information and services. If you’ve ever been curious about how different assistive technology works, here’s an opportunity to learn more!

Join Laine Amoureux, owner of Amoureux AT Consulting, and Nick Stallings, from the Idaho Assistive Technology Project live on Facebook every Tuesday to learn more about web accessibility and assistive technology. You’ll see demonstrations of different types of technology and learn practical tips for making your content more accessible.

Upcoming Sessions

On Tuesday, March 2nd Boise State University Web Accessibility Analyst, Carolyn Quintero, joins the conversation to discuss how tags make a PDF document more accessible for screen reader users.

On March 9th, she’ll also discuss how to use a word processor’s built-in styles to create a tagged PDF.

To access the sessions, visit Amoureux AT Consulting on Facebook Tuesdays at 1:00 pm.

Past Sessions

Past Tech Tuesdays include: