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Events Calendar

Events and WordPress

Boise State uses The Events Calendar Pro (TEC) plugin by Modern Tribe for events on the University Events Calendar and on WordPress subsites. To enable this functionality on your website, please have your site admin request the activation of TEC on your site by contacting the Help Desk.

Event Hierarchy and Workflow

It is recommended that each college maintain an events calendar on the college website. Departments within each college should publish department events within the respective department category on the college calendar.  Other departments (not within a college) may also maintain their own events calendars. It is recommended that other departments also combine efforts where it makes sense to avoid the unnecessary overhead of managing multiple calendars.

Events Panel

Events from your college or department calendar can be displayed using the Events Panel. See the Events Panel page for details.

Featured Images

If you are using the Events plugin and publishing events with featured images, these images MUST contain an alternative text description for the event. Failing to add alternative text causes accessibility error on the event itself and on every page that event is displayed.

When adding the featured image, add a brief description of the even to the alt text field in WordPress. We also recommend using a unique image for each event so you can provide unique alternative text. If you don’t have an image, the theme has default styling.

Publishing to the University Calendar

For information on publishing your local events to the University Events Calendar, please visit the Event Submissions page on the University Events site.

Events Calendar Pro Settings

In the WordPress dashboard find Events>Settings. In tabs there are settings for General, Display, Default Content, Additional Fields, Filters, Licenses, and Imports. The default settings can be found in the Events Settings Google Sheet.

Note: In order to best present relevant information in search results and keep your site organized, it is best practice to retain settings that automatically trash events older than 1 month, and permanently delete events older than 1 year.

Documentation and Support

Documentation for The Events Calendar Pro can be found in the WordPress Dashboard under Events>Help. See the Webguide Support and Training page for additional support options.