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Publishing Documents

Documents are a great resource for providing content to users but only if they are accessible to all users. An accessible document contains consistent structure and design, includes alternative text descriptions for images, graphics, charts, and other forms of media, and verifies accessibility through an accessibility checker, is distributed to readers using accessible platforms.

This guide provides step by step procedures to ensure your documents are created, distributed, and maintained with accessibility in mind using Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat Pro.

The recommendations here can apply to other word processing platforms, such as Google Docs, but the tips and tools are specific to Microsoft Word and to Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Why Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat Pro?

Software provide by the university for use by employees. Microsoft Word contains tools to make docs accessible. The tools available in Adobe Acrobat Pro can help remediate any issue remaining issues in your documents to ensure they are accessible.

Have a document you need to publish online?

In addition to following the steps outlined in this section for creating an accessible document, the OIT Web Accessibility Team can perform an accessibility review prior to your document being published online. Review times may vary depending on how complex the document is, so plan ahead accordingly.

Submit a Document for Accessibility Review

Steps to Create, Distribute, and Maintain Accessible Documents

Use these tips for your next project to create a more accessible document. You can also download a printable version of the guide for easy reference.

Download Printable Version of Creating, Distributing, and Maintaining Accessible Documents Guide (PDF)

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Support and Training - Documents

Learn more about accessible documents with these events, trainings, and workshops. You can also schedule a one-on-one or small group consultation with us. Contact to learn more.

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