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Monsido is Boise State’s web quality assurance and accessibility platform. Monsido offers offers accurate reporting on content quality assurance and accessibility, and brings a variety of features such as built-in integration for third-party document remediation services and updated training to keep on top of evolving ADA compliance requirements.

Access Monsido

You can add Monsido to your services in myBoiseState or use the login link on this page. If logging in from this page, you’ll be prompted to enter your Boise State credentials. If you haven’t requested an account in Monsido, please complete our Monsido Request Form prior to logging in.
Login to Monsido

WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool

Once your page is published, it will be scanned by Monsido and included in your weekly report. However, this can take up to a week after publishing. To check your page for accessibility prior to publishing, we recommend using the WAVE browser extension. Learn more about the WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool.

Webinars and Training

Register for webinars and training from Boise State’s web team and Monsido.