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Publishing with WordPress

Boise State uses WordPress as a content management system (CMS) to create and manage public-facing websites. WordPress is Boise State’s platform to publish information about a department, unit, or program.

The information in this section will help you:

  • Learn about WordPress account access
  • Understand the basic components of WordPress including menus, pages and posts
  • Learn how to use panels
  • Add images and media to your content
  • Create specialized web content like tables and forms

Does my content belong in WordPress?

University WordPress sites on the domain are intended for colleges, departments, offices, centers, labs, and other official Boise State programs.

Faculty or staff who want to promote research and creative activity may utilize university services and resources such as ScholarWorks, Center for Research and Creative Activity, and Research and Communications Toolbox.

Instructors who want to create websites devoted to their individual research/work must use other web services such as Wix, Weebly, non-Boise State Google Sites, etc. and follow the requirements of University Policy 8040.

In addition, the following types of web content do not belong in WordPress:

Accessible Content Requirements

All websites are managed and created using templates and layouts that adhere to university brand identity and accessibility guidelines. Additionally, all site administrators and content creators must follow university policies related to brand identityweb accessibilityuniversity websites, and applicable laws.

The Office of Information Technology may remove any inaccessible documents or web content uploaded or published. Site administrators and department staff are responsible for ensuring all web content is accessible on university websites.

You may submit a request for exception if you have content that may not be accessible but is:

  • Required by law
  • Required for accreditation
  • Required for the university’s mission or operations
  • Required for exception based on purpose (e.g., a PDF manual for a microscope)
  • Also available in an alternative, full accessible version

Submit a request for compliance exception