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Web Analytics

Boise State utilizes Google Analytics to collect data about the performance of our web content and how our website audience interacts with our content. We can use this data to improve the user experience on our site and better communicate our message.

About Google Analytics

Google Analytics collects the following data:

  • Information about your website audience, such as where they are located, how many new and returning visitors you have, how often they visit your website, and what devices they use to view your web content.
  • How people find and access your site, whether through search, a campaign URL, or following a link from another site.
  • What people do once they find your site, including buttons and links they click, pages with the most views, and top entry and exit pages.
  • Cross-site tracking to capture journeys across different Boise State sites.

Comprehensive GA4 Dashboard

Metrics Edge has created a comprehensive dashboard populated with Google Analytics 4 data, allowing you to view metrics for your specific program or department. The dashboard is adaptable, and we work with MetricsEdge to continually improve the tool based on the insights you are looking for.

Request Access

Request access to the GA4 dashboard, or raw GA4 data, through the Help Desk:

Contact the Help Desk

Access the Dashboard

Authorized users may use their Boise State credentials to access the dashboard through Looker Studio:

Comprehensive University Website Dashboard

GA4 Event Parameters

MetricsEdge maintains a list of GA4 event parameters used for analysis of raw GA4 data in our Boise State environment.

Learn About Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 Tutorials

Our MetricsEdge partners produced a series of videos to filter raw GA4 data to answer common analytics questions.

MetricsEdge GA4 Tutorials

Self-Paced Training

Self-paced training is available through the Google Analytics 4 Skillshop:

Google Analytics 4 Skillshop

Get Help

For assistance with Google Analytics, please contact the Help Desk:

Contact the Help Desk

Additional Consultation

MetricsEdge is available to consult with primary college and department communications and marketing staff to help them gain insights into recruitment, campaigns, and other digital strategies. To request a consultation, please contact the Help Desk and provide a summary of your business need.

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