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Accessibility Resources and Guides

Boise State has an ambitious goal; create the most accessible, inclusive website ever! But we can’t do this alone. We need you to help make this goal a reality. Use this page to:

  • Review your content with checklists (see Review Your Content with these Checklists section)
  • Learn more about accessibility topics with video tutorials
  • Review tips and resources for producing accessible time-based media
  • Describe complex images like flowcharts, infographics, and organizational charts
  • Access Monsido for monitoring your web content
  • Read accessibility blog post updates
  • Access one-on-one help
  • Review resource guides
Accessibility is a shared responsibility

Review Your Content with these Checklists

Accessibility isn’t someone else’s responsibility, it’s yours.

Before you publish content on social media, on the web, or in an email, use these checklists to spot check your work and catch accessibility barriers before they become an issue.

Video Tutorials

Lights, Camera, Action!

Producing Time-Based Media

Producing accessible time-based media (video or audio files), requires planning well before you ever start recording.

Review these tips and resources for ensuring your next video is accessible to all.

Producing Time-Based Media

Describing Complex Images

Creating Accessible Flowcharts
Describing Data and Graphs
Accessible Infographics
Organizing your Org Charts


Monsido is Boise State’s tool for monitoring and identifying web accessibility and quality assurance errors.

All Boise State staff and faculty may have access to Monsido by filling out the Monsido Request Form.

Learn how to use Monsido

Web Accessibility Blog Posts

Earn a Micro-Certification Badge in Web Accessibility
Find and Fix Accessibility Issues in Monsido
Are Google Docs and Microsoft Word Accessible?
Update on our Federal Voluntary Resolution Agreement
Federal Voluntary Resolution Agreement Regarding Digital Accessibility
Webinar: Audio Description as an Aesthetic Innovation

We're Here to Help!

Web accessibility can be complex. We want to help you learn how to create and edit content with accessibility in mind.

Reach out to us through the Help Desk at or call (208) 426-4357.

Resource Guides

Publishing Accessible Panels

Panels provide a way to easily publish pre-formatted content on your WordPress pages. However, they require the same attention as the rest of your web content to be accessible. We recommend the following tips to structure your panel content using the default template.

Review Recommendations for Accessible Panels

Access Technology Resource Guide

The Access Technology Resource Guide provides an overview of the resources available at Boise State to help you create, publish, and share accessible digital content for students, faculty, staff, and the community.

Review Access Technology Resource Guide

Lexicon for Accessible Content

Developed by the Accessible Content Community of Practice, this Lexicon for Accessible Content provides a common language for everyone to use at Boise State when discussing content related to accessibility. To review the lexicon, visit the Boise State Accessibility site.

Review Lexicon for Accessible Content

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