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Welcome Monsido!

Monsido Dashboard
Receive important notifications and monitor your site’s performance, accessibility, and quality assurance with tools available from the Monsido Dashboard.

Monsido is Boise State’s new web quality assurance and accessibility platform, and is scheduled to replace Siteimprove beginning in May.

Monsido offers offers accurate reporting on content quality assurance and accessibility, and brings new features such as built-in integration for third-party document remediation services and updated training to keep on top of evolving ADA compliance requirements.

Setting up Roles and Groups

Our first step in the transition to Monsido is to set up our user roles and groups. To ensure our records are current and up to date, we need your help! Please complete this form to let us know what role and group of sites you need access to in the new platform. If you have questions, please reach out to

Role and Group Form

Estimated Time to Complete: 2-5 minutes

Please select the website group you need access to in Monsido for monitoring. If your group is not listed, or your not sure, please add the URL or URLS needed in the Create Group field on this form.
My group is not listed, please create a group for the following websites. Please list site names or addresses.
Preferred Role in Monsido
Please select the role that most closely aligns with your position and responsibilities related to the maintenance of your department's web content. If one of these roles doesn't exactly fit for you, please provide a brief explanation in the Other field.