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Caching changes and WordPress site menus

We’ve configured object caching in our Boise State WordPress environment to improve and optimize site performance.

The primary impact for university WordPress site admins is the need to select the Clear Cache button in the WordPress dashboard to view Menu edits.

What’s object caching?

Object caching stores frequently accessed web data in memory for faster retrieval when a page loads in a browser.

Without object caching, the server needs to query the database to retrieve the data needed to generate the page, and this happens each time the page is loaded. This can be a time-consuming process, especially for complex websites with many database tables, and we’ve recently seen this happening with our university website.

Object caching benefits

There are several benefits to using object caching, including:

Improved page performance

Object caching can significantly improve page load times by reducing the number of database queries that need to be executed.

Reduced database load

Object caching can reduce the load on the database by offloading frequently accessed data to memory.

Improved scalability

Object caching can improve the scalability of a website by enabling it to handle more traffic without impacting performance.

Enhanced user experience

Object caching can improve the end-user experience by making websites faster and more responsive.

Object caching’s impact on editing site menus

One of the nuances of using any type of data caching is that changes you make to your website are not always reflected on the live webpage immediately.

Most noticeably for our site administrators, when Menu items are added, deleted, or changed in any way, these updates are not immediately reflected on the website because the Menu is stored in cache.

Typically, this cache will automatically update and reflect your changes within 24 hours, but if you ever need your changes to take immediate affect on your live site, you can force the cache to reset (“flush”) by selecting the “Clear Cache” button at the top of the WordPress dashboard:

Wordpress admin menu with the Clear Cache button highlighted

We’re continuing to work with our vendor partners to improve Boise State’s website performance. If you have questions or want more information, please contact the Help Desk.