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Earn a Micro-Certification Badge in Web Accessibility

We are pleased to announce the course refresh for the Web Tools and Remediation Micro-Certification badge is complete, and the course is open for enrollment!

Expanded Audience

Started in 2017, the Web Tools and Remediation Micro-Certification badge course was originally designed to support web administrators in publishing and managing content within WordPress.

However, interest in the topic quickly grew, and the course needed adjustment to meet the needs of a wider audience. With this new course refresh, the target audience has expanded to support anyone employed at Boise State who is interested in learning more about web accessibility.

Required or Optional Professional Development

One way the course meets the needs of different audiences is by having a path for both required and optional course content.

The content in the “required” modules is more broad and informational in nature. In these required modules, you will learn more about the following topics:

  • ¬†Introduction to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
  • Write alternative text descriptions
  • Structure page content

The required section is mainly informational and designed to introduce concepts important to web accessibility.

For those who want to go further to demonstrate their skills in creating accessible web content and earn a micro-certification, there are additional activities to complete. These optional modules focus on the following topics:

  • Explore user personas
  • Sort through additional accessibility resources and topics
  • Use tools to create accessible content
  • Check work before publishing

Learners must complete all required and optional activities to earn the micro-certification badge.

Time Commitment

Since this is a self-paced course, the time to complete the activities may vary from person to person. However, we recommend setting aside 1-2 hours to complete the three required modules, and up to 10 hours to complete the additional four optional modules. You can save and continue your work over a period of days if needed.

Time estimates are provided for each module in the Canvas course site.

Web Tools and Remediation Badge Course

Closed captions provided and a text transcript is available on this page following the video.

Video Transcript

Greetings, creators of content! Are you eager to unlock the door to a website that welcomes all? Look no further, for this course is your magical key! Behold, as we unfurl the secrets of crafting web content that works for all, no matter their sight, sound, motion, or thought.

In this journey, we’ll unveil the mysteries of spotting accessibility needs, weaving alternative text descriptions, mending accessibility barriers, and shining a light on the importance of accessible web content. With these accessible arts at your fingertips, you’ll emerge as a super creator of web accessibility (yay), ready to unleash your powers on the world.

So, let us venture forth and discover the adventures that lie ahead!