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Media Freeze June 10 through 14

In 2023, we moved our Boise State WordPress environment to Pantheon’s hosting services, but much of our media remained on the previous platform. This issue stems from a decision many years ago to offload all WordPress media to a content delivery network (CDN) that uses Amazon Web Services. Unfortunately, the plugin we use for this purpose has encountered significant problems over time, making it difficult to determine the actual location of our media files and preventing the Enable Media Replace plugin from functioning properly.

In addition, offloaded media is neither optimized nor routinely managed, resulting in an overall website file size that is at least three times larger than it should be.

To resolve this, we’ve collaborated with Daggerhart Lab to assess, optimize, and migrate our site media to Pantheon. This process will begin on June 10 and is expected to take several days, during which we will run scripts to update file paths and optimize media files.

During the week of June 10, we ask our WordPress community to refrain from uploading new media files. Any media uploaded during this period may not appear on the site after June 14 and will need to be uploaded again.

We will notify our WordPress community before the media freeze begins and again once it is over.

Please note that this freeze will only impact files in site media libraries; other WordPress content will remain unaffected.