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Accessible Forms

Forms are an essential way to collect information from your users, but inaccessible forms can leave some people behind.

Use these tips to create more accessible forms.

Creating More Accessible Forms

Break longer forms into smaller sections

If you are collecting a lot of information from your users, break the form into smaller sections with headings. This helps readers understand where they are and what types of questions are being asked.

Label and describe all form fields

All form fields require a label and, if necessary, a brief description of the field to help users understand what to enter in a given field.

Ask small bites of information

Each form field should ask only one question. Asking too many questions in one form field can be confusing or making completing the form more difficult. Limit your form fields and questions to one piece of information.

Select the correct platform

There are several options available to build your electronic form. Review the Webguide Forms page for more details before making your first form.

If you can’t create an electronic form, you can produce a fillable PDF document. Information on creating an accessible PDF document is also provided on the Webguide Forms page.

Going Further

Learn more about forms by visiting Webguide: Forms.


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