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What is Web Accessibility?

Accessible content makes the web a better place for everyone.

In this section:

  • Who benefits from accessibility?
  • Definition of web accessibility

Who benefits from accessibility?

Accessibility in the physical world ensures everyone can access buildings and navigate through their environment safely and independently.

Some features that make our physical world more accessible include:

  • Sidewalks with curb cuts
  • Accessible parking spaces
  • Ramps to access buildings
  • Doors with automatic switches
  • Elevators in buildings with multiple levels
  • Door handles that are easy to grip and turn
  • Signs with easy to recognize icons, text, and braille
  • Even adjustable desks

All these designs have one thing in common…they lower barriers and make the world easier to navigate and live in for everyone! That’s also the goal of web accessibility.

Web Accessibility Definition

Web accessibility is the inclusive practice of removing barriers preventing interaction with, or access to websites by people with a diverse range of abilities, preferences, and skill levels.


Next, learn what our legal and university requirements are for creating accessible web content.