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Training and Development Checklist

The following is a select list of recommended training classes and resources for administrative staff.


  • ACADEMIC COURSES:  Includes Classroom Scheduling, Course Scheduling and Textbook Orders.  Under Construction
  • ADVISING:  The Advising and Academic Support Center (AASC) coordinates advising and academic support services for students, faculty, and staff.  Quick Links cover specific topics of interest to students.
  • CURRICULUM ADDITION, CHANGES, DELETIONS:  Undergraduate and graduate curriculum change requests seek to modify courses and requirements within existing majors and programs or to create new majors or programs. Creating or deleting majors and programs requires additional documentation, please see the Provost’s office for direction before beginning the process to determine the appropriate procedure.
  • FACULTY PROMOTION AND TENURE:  Two of the most important events in a faculty member’s career are the awarding of tenure and promotion in rank.  The process by which tenure and promotions in rank are awarded reflects the very character of the university; both the university and its tenure and promotion process must be open, honest, and fair to all concerned parties in both fact and perception. This openness, honesty, and fairness influences faculty morale, the relationships of faculty members with students and colleagues, their perceptions of their roles in the university and broader community, and their perceptions of themselves. In turn, this defines the character of the university.  Please refer to Boise State Policy #4340 for complete guidelines.
  • FACULTY SABBATICAL LEAVE:  Sabbatical Leave is intended provide time and resources for qualified tenured faculty members to revitalize themselves in order to become more effective teachers and scholars and to enhance their services to the University.  A tenured faculty member (or those who will have tenure at the time of sabbatical leave) is eligible for a professional leave in their seventh year of service to the University or in the seventh year after return from a previous professional leave. Leaves are awarded to coincide with the normal academic semester dates.  Online information about sabbatical leave is available here.
  • GRADUATE COLLEGE & STUDENTSInformation for administrative staff working with graduate students and assistantships.
  • HIRING ADJUNCT FACULTY:  Under Construction.
  • INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS:  Under Construction.
  • SPECIAL COURSE OR PROGRAM FEES:  The amounts charged for tuition and fees usually cover course related expenses.  However, some courses have extraordinary expenses associated with them and, in such cases and pursuant to Boise State Policy #4200, Boise State charges additional fees in amounts approximate the added instructional or laboratory costs.  Examples include expendable supplies or materials, special services or facilities offered, access to specialized computer laboratory services, equipment use and course related student travel and lodging.  An online resource serves as a quick reference for procedures and deadlines to add, edit or remove course fees.  First read Boise State Policy #4200 for full details of policies and procedures regarding approval of special course or program fees.
  • STUDENT PRIVACY:  The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (Buckley Amendment) is a federal law that limits the amount of information that can be released about students without their specific written permission.  Employment at Boise State University requires, as a term of employment, compliance with the policies of Boise State University; the rules, regulations, and procedures of the Idaho State Board of Education; and all local, state, and federal laws. Faculty and staff are required to review FERPA and sign a FERPA CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT.  Further information is found on the Registrar’s website.  To access Online FERPA training, use your Boise State username and password.


  • CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENCE:  Quality customer service is the foundation upon which an organization’s success is built. This interactive course, for those who deal with either internal or external customers, helps participants review or define customer service standards for the organization and the individual, develop skills for listening and calming oneself and others, explore options for resolving issues with realistic expectations, and gain techniques to maintain perspective and equilibrium. Learn to make sure that all the points of customer contact—those “moments of truth”—occur in the best way possible.  Presented by:   Human Resources.
  • SUPERVISING STUDENT EMPLOYEES:  This module will cover seven focused topics for those who will or currently supervise student employees. These include: Student Hiring 101, Generational Differences, Shared Values & Ethics, Compensation, transitioning from ‘buddy to boss’, and Student Employee Fundamentals.  Presented by:  Human Resources.


  • BRONCO BUDGET 2.0:  A student-centered approach to budgeting designed to support more informed decision-making, foster collaborative and innovative programs and practices, and reinforce the alignment of College plans with Boise Sate’s vision, mission, strategic plan, and priorities for the academic and fiscal year.  Presented by:  Office of Budget & Planning.
  • CONTRACTS  | LOCAL ENGAGEMENT AGREEMENT FORMGuidance about the contract process, legal issues of concern in contracts, and the University’s contracting requirements. This training is recommended every two years. You do not have to have, or be seeking, signature authority to attend the training. If you do have signature authority, you will be required to attend training every two years.  Presented by:  Office of General Counsel.
  • CORRECTING ENTRIES:  This Correcting-Entries-Training is to review the new Correcting Entry Process and answer questions that have come up so that you can continue to request transaction, journal, and payroll corrections.  Presented by:  Office of Continuous Improvement.
  • FOUNDATIONS OF FISCAL REPORTING/BUDGET BASICS: This introductory course provides a basic overview of the Boise State’s financial accounting system. Participants explore characteristics of budget types (appropriated, local and grant), one-time and permanent funds, budget codes, account codes, HR admin codes and source documents. Demonstrations of the OFC Account Analysis Report and Salary Ledger are presented. By completing this class, participants gain the necessary resources, tools, and guidelines to use OFC to reconcile a budget and access and run financial reports.  Presented by:  Budget Office and Office of Continuous Improvement.  
  • GIFTS, MEALS & REFRESHMENTS:  An introduction to the policies surrounding purchasing gifts and meals for meetings, events & individuals.  This course explains when appropriated, grants and local funds may be used.    Highlight Policies 6260, 6240, 6230 & 6180.  Presented by:  Purchasing Office.
  • P-CARD HOLDER WORKSHOP:  This workshop provides an overview of p-card procedure and includes an emphasis on navigating Bank of America’s Works application.  Essential for new cardholders, approvers, reconcilers. Recommended as a refresher for existing p-card approvers or staff involved in managing p-card expense.  Presented by:  Purchasing Office.
  • PROCESSING PAYMENTS TO NON-EMPLOYEES:  This training will cover processing payments to Independent Contractors, Honorariums, Non-employee travel reimbursements, and others. Includes definition of terms, how to know if service provider qualifies as an independent contractor, what and how to use a BPA#, plus a list of resources. After this session you will possess knowledge and tools to correctly identify payee and method of payment.  Presented by:  Accounts Payable.
  • PURCHASING 101:  This session will provide an overview of the basic purchasing policies for procurement of goods and services, purchasing dollar limits, and when to use a Standard Purchasing Requisition, P-card, or a contract.  Presented by:  Purchasing Office.
  • TRAVEL AUTHORIZATION & EXPENSE REPORT:  This introductory course provides a basic overview of the Boise State’s travel & expense reimbursement process. Participants explore travel types, authorizations, step required, Travel Requests and Travel & Expense Reimbursements. Demonstrations of the OrgSync Travel Request and OFC Expense Reimbursements are presented. By completing this class, participants gain the necessary resources, tools, and guidelines to submit travel requests and submit travel and other expense reimbursements.  Presented by:  Travel Office and Office of Continuous Improvement.  


  • SPONSORED PROJECT LIFECYCLE:  An online introduction to grants and contracts at Boise State that includes finding funding, proposal preparation, award acceptance and management, closeout and commercializing technology.  Presented by:  Office of Sponsored Programs.    


  • BENEFITS REFRESHER WORKSHOPReview the benefits provided by Boise State including:  Health & Life Insurance, Retirement, Flexible Spending, FMLA, Fee Waivers and much more.
  • RECRUITING AND HIRING PROCESS:  This introductory course provides a basic overview of the Boise State’s employment activities and processes. Participants learn about Compensation & Classification (C&C) form, TALEO, Temporary Hire Worksheet, EAFs and student hires. Demonstrations of the Student Hire and EAF processes are presented. By completing this class, participants will know which form/s and process/es to use for any time of hire. This course only addresses staff hiring processes for classified and professional staff and students.  Presented by:  Human Resources.
  • TIME AND LABOR TRAINING:  Learn the steps to enter your time into Time and Labor via myBoiseState and receive instruction in how to manage and approve Time & Labor entry.  Presented by:  Human Resources.
  • REQUESTING PEOPLESOFT EMPLOYEE DATA:  How to learn to request personnel data on behalf of the Chair and/or Department. Examples of data requests and results. Special tips on what to ask for.  Presented by:  Human Resources Information Systems.
  • EMPLOYMENT DATES:  Learn how employment dates are determined for Classified & Professional Staff and Faculty. Learn how faculty contract dates are scheduled around the Academic Calendar.  Presented by:  Office of Budget and Planning and Human Resources.


  • ACTIVE SHOOTER TRAINING:  Gun activity on university campuses have been on the rise in the United States over the last 15 years. This informational session gives you real world, up close strategies on how to deal with the unlikely event of an active shooter on Boise State’s campus. Staying Safe at Boise State – As with most college institutions, safety for its students, staff, faculty and visitors is a #1 priority. We live in a day and age in which we must educate ourselves on the importance of creating and staying safe on campus. This training will go over several elements of personal safety and protection that would benefit individuals looking to have deeper knowledge in safety competencies.  Presented by:  Public Safety.


  • EXCEL PRODUCTIVITY – LEVEL 1:  In this class you will learn how to customize Excel to suit your preferences; the Two-Step Chart; basic formulas; speedy data entry; controlling page layouts, columns, rows, and margins; and managing spreadsheets. You will also learn charting features (and the super-secret to charts) and by the time you are done, you will finally feel in charge of Excel, rather than at the mercy of it.  Discount for Boise State employees.  Presented by:  Division of Extended Studies.
  • EXCEL INTERMEDIATE – LEVEL 2:  In-class exercises provide an opportunity to create automating processes with common Excel functions including VLookup, HLookup, Transpose, Split Text, Combine Data, Remove Duplicates, and how to design a drop down list within cells. You will also learn how to utilize built-in Excel features in order to easily manage large spreadsheets. This includes using multiple windows, freezing rows/columns, splitting windows, auditing formulas, watch unique cells, and designing macros to further automate redundant processes.  Discount for Boise State employees.  Presented by:  Division of Extended Studies.
  • EXCEL DATA ANALYSIS – LEVEL 3:  The theme for this data analysis class is high-end productivity.   Students will learn how to use Excel Pivot Tables, advanced Excel productivity tools, and simple Macros.  Discount for Boise State employees.  Presented by:  Division of Extended Studies.
  • EXCEL ONLINE TRAINING:  3 Options:  1. Excel training through ed2go at $129 for a six-week session.   2. Excel Training Offered by Office of Information Technology (OIT).  3.  Microsoft-owned self-paced training.
  • GSUITE (GOOGLE APPS):  G Suite provides communication and collaboration tools (Gmail, Groups), basic office productivity tools (Calendar, Docs and Sheets), presentation software (Slides) and unlimited file storage (Drive). Learn how these work together to keep you organized and connected from anywhere.  Presented by:  Office of Information Technology.
  • WORDPRESS :  Learn how to design or maintain your department website using the approved standard Boise State WordPress theme.  Courses include WordPress, Web Accessibility, Gravity Forms, and other software tools.  Presented by: Office of Information Technology.


Additional Resources