Flex Bachelor of Applied Science

The Flex pathway of the Bachelor of Applied Science can be completed on the Boise State main campus, at Boise State’s regional sites, online, or through a combination of these options.

The Flex pathway of the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) is a high-quality, flexible interdisciplinary degree that offers students with a technical associate’s degree (AAS) a supportive and stimulating academic experience. You are able to collaborate with the Academic Advisor to create an individualized degree plan that capitalizes on past educational and professional experience and prepares you for challenging and rewarding professional opportunities.

Program Learning Outcomes

I will creatively combine my ideas and experiences with new learning opportunities:

  • to understand context and discover new connections
  • to create mindful, collaborative, and productive relationships
  • to become a reflection and adaptive learner

Program Delivery

The Bachelor of Applied Science is a part of the Boise State Flex Program—a collection of majors committed to giving you the opportunity to complete your entire degree with a combination of evening, weekend, and online classes. The Flex pathway allows you to take classes at your pace and on your schedule. And many courses are offered at several of Boise State’s flexible locations throughout Idaho.

The Bachelor of Applied Science major required courses are currently delivered entirely online through Blackboard, a web-based course-management system designed for students and faculty to participate in classes delivered online. Blackboard enables instructors to provide students with course materials, discussion boards, virtual chat, online quizzes, an academic resource center, and more. The format of online classes is similar to traditional classes with regard to schedule and workload. Instructors provide students with assignments, set deadlines, and interact on a regular basis through discussion boards, instant chat, and e-mail.

Technology Requirements

Online courses require specific technology, including:

  • Reliable internet connection. Broadband or a high-speed network connection is preferred.
  • Frequent access to a computer on a daily basis.
  • A computer capable of running any certified or compatible operating system and web browser listed by Blackboard.
  • A webcam and headphones with a microphone.

Time Requirements

The amount of time spent in an online course is equivalent to an on-campus course. There is a significant amount of reading, writing papers, and discussing topics with classmates and the instructor. It is your responsibility to schedule time during each day to complete these activities and keep track of assignment deadlines and exam dates. Therefore, time management is crucial for success. We recommend outside obligations must be carefully considered when determining whether to commit to full-time versus part-time programmatic status.