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QR Codes

QR Code Generator – Flowcode

As most smartphones have built-in code readers in their cameras, QR codes are a quick and convenient way to add a call to action in your marketing piece and connect your audience to your department’s videos, website or social media platforms immediately.

Boise State has partnered with Flowcode, a QR code generator platform, to give university marketers the ability to produce branded QR codes that are dynamic, customizable and can easily track engagement. This platform is available at no cost to Boise State departments.

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If you do not need or want to make your own QR codes you can order a code to be made and sent to you.

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QR Codes 101


  • Always include a url in text for people who cannot or do not want to scan the QR code. This will ensure there is always another way to access information.
  • If the url is very long, not easy to read or contains many numbers and symbols please use the form to request a shortened url at
  • For QR codes in a physical space, consider the height and location so that people in wheelchairs or of restricted growth can reach them.
  • Ensure the QR code is positioned at a large enough size to be scanned from a distance, or from wherever the user will be interacting with it.

Call To Action

Don’t presume that people will understand how to interact with QR codes, provide short and focused instructions for use that accurately describe the purpose of the code and where it will redirect people. Users like to know that they will be directed to a menu, map, sweepstakes, etc. Codes that offer a sense of urgency perform the strongest.

For example, “Scan to visit”

Dynamic QR Codes

  • Can be updated with a new URL, even after a code is printed/in use
  • Can track data like number of scans, location and time


Structured, matte materials will provide the best scan experience.


For increased insights and data, create unique codes per placement. This will allow you to better understand which market, call to action, or other variable performed the best for future campaigns.


  • A QR code should be at least 1 inch from eye to eye to be scanned by most modern devices. On digital screens, it is recommended to be 400px or larger for 1080p.
  • The ideal scanning size-to-distance ratio is 10:1. Therefore, the code should be roughly 1ft. wide and tall if it is 10 feet away from the scanner. You can easily calculate this based on this calculator: QR Code Width or Length = (Distance from Code)/10
  • Before launching your campaign, always test codes at several ranges to determine your ideal size.

Flowcode 101


  • Includes ready-to-use Boise State branded templates to ensure brand consistency
  • Robust analytics – Easily track the quantity, location and time of scans
  • Unlimited dynamic QR codes
  • User-friendly system for university marketers – create QR codes at any time, no requests, no cost or waiting period
  • Flowpages – Boise State is not utilizing Flowpages at this time. 

Naming Convention

  • As recommended by the Flowcode team, a standardized naming convention will help with organization and analytics.
  • Year_Department Name_Unique Identifier
  • Example: 2022_Admissions_Apply Now


  • Use tags to help categorize your team’s content
  • Print, digital, event, sweepstakes, etc.


The Office of Communications and Marketing has produced and will manage templates for all divisions to ensure brand consistency. Requests for new templates are subject to Brand Committee approval and can be submitted to


Codes can be downloaded in RGB (digital use) or CMYK (print use) color profiles

  • Digital – use RGB – png, pdf or eps (jpg and svg have white square backgrounds)
  • Print – use CMYK – pdf or eps (jpgs have white square backgrounds)

Ensure you are using the correct color palette for the medium where your QR code will be used. Refer to the university’s logo usage guidelines for information on what brand colors to use against different background colors


Codes can be downloaded with a white outline (default) or as transparent files

There are many file options available, but we recommend using

  • PDF for print (vector)
  • PNG for digital

Users and Teams

Boise State University has an unlimited number of users as part of our enterprise plan


Flowcode teams have been organized to mirror the university org chart


  • Admin – Will oversee their team, adding and managing members as well as creating and editing content with editor permission*
  • Team Member – Can create and edit content with editor permission
  • User – Can view and download content, but not create
  • *Editor permission – the content creator (admin or team member) can choose to give their team or individuals the ability to edit their qr codes or limit to view and download only.