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Official university vehicles should carry the University Signature Mark in a consistent style and appropriate proportions. Athletic-department vehicles may use the athletic marks.


Illustration of a van showing the placement of the Boise State logo on the door panels and department name text.

The consistent use of the visual identity on university vehicles helps to identify and unify the university fleet. They also act as moving advertisement for the university. The University Signature Mark should appear on the front driver and passenger side doors in accordance with the prescribed standards as can be seen in the image above. No companion marks are permitted on vehicles.  The respective department name may be listed elsewhere in Gotham. All graphics for vehicles must be ordered through University Sign Shop in order to ensure the integrity of the application.

Any vehicle wraps or additional vehicle design must be approved by the Brand Committee ( No other slogans or designs permitted except in exceptional circumstances.  The Bronco logo may only be added to athletics vehicles.

For personal tailgate vehicles, please see the Personal Tailgate Vehicle Guidelines.