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Email Signature Standards

The presentation of your email signature is a vital component of the Boise State brand. Using consistent email signatures for email accounts is an opportunity to create brand alignment with the University community while sharing your contact information in a format that is accessible to assisted-technology users.

In addition, consistent and clear email signatures present a professional appearance for conducting business through email that quickly identifies the sender as an official representative of Boise State University.

Approved Templates

Approved templates can be found in the Templates section of this page.

  • Signatures should not contain extraneous information that may not align with the University’s mission, purpose and goals.
  • As this is professional communication, refrain from the use of quotes or epigraphs.
  • An email signature should not be in the form of an image as the text will not be accessible to assisted-technology users.

University employees who would like to include their personal pronouns, CliftonStrengths themes (formerly StrengthsFinder), and/or use an honorific may do so as shown in the templates below. Sharing personal pronouns and asking others what pronouns and names they prefer to go by are all ways of showing respect. Learn more about gender pronouns at

Additional Assistance

For additional technical assistance and solutions, visit the Office of Information Technology web pages.


  • Copy and paste one of the three options from the link below into the signature tool in your Gmail account. Replace the information with your own.
  • To ensure that the email signature is readable on all devices, use the Sans Serif font set to Google’s Normal size in black.
  • The last line (“Make a gift…”) can be replaced by another university-aligned call to action that links to a university-managed URL.
  • To replace the headshot with your own, click on the image and choose “remove.” Insert a new photo by uploading the professional headshot obtained from Photo Services. The photo is sized at 125×188 pixels. To make your image accessible, right-click and select Alt Text, add your name to the Title field, then select OK.
  • Only the Boise State University signature mark can be used in an email signature. Department companion marks are not allowed for readability, ADA compliance and consistency.
Email Signature Templates