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Tuition Fee Waiver Employee

Tuition Fee Waiver for Employees

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  • A new Fee Waiver request must be submitted for each Semester

    A $50.00 late fee will be assessed for all fee waivers received after the deadline. The fee is non-refundable and will be applied directly to the student’s account. A fee waiver cannot be processed until the student has completed the admissions process. However, the form may be submitted prior to the deadline while the student is in the registration process.

    The final day to submit a fee waiver for a particular semester will be the date classroom instruction ends for that semester. For summer courses use the final date classroom instruction ends.

    All Boise State University employees in Benefit-Eligible positions are eligible for the Educational Tuition and Fees Waiver Benefit (BSU policy #7045). Employee/emeritus retiree and their spouses may enroll in a maximum of nine (9) credit hours per semester for a nonrefundable $25.00 registration fee per semester plus $5.00 per credit hour. The following programs are not eligible for the Educational Tuition and Fees Waiver Benefit:

    • Self-supporting or self-funded programs
    • Noncredit and personal enrichment courses
    • Admission application fees
    • New student curriculum fees
    • Dropped class fees
    • Food and housing
    • Required books or course materials
    • Professional program course-specific fees, or other special course fees

    In accordance with Internal Revenue Code requirements, employees enrolled in graduate courses will be taxed on the value of waivers in excess of $5,250.00 per calendar year. The value of the waiver for spouses enrolled in graduate courses is taxable regardless of the amount.

    Fee waivers apply to those individuals whose employment begins prior to the beginning of the semester.

    Employees on leave without pay status (except for medical leave) are not eligible for the fee waiver benefit.

    Any change in work schedule for time spent in class during work hours must be approved by your supervisor and made up within the same 40-hour workweek or the time must be charged to annual leave. The employee’s job duties and responsibilities are given priority. In the event of conflicts between requests for a schedule change to take classes and the department’s ability to conduct business, management has the authority to modify or deny the request.

    If an employee and/or spouse of an employee enrolls with a waiver of fees and the employee subsequently resigns or terminates her/his employment prior to the end of the first eight weeks of classes, the employee and/or spouse must then pay the full amount of fees required for the enrollment. Summer school would be covered by this same regulation, with full fees required if resignation or termination occurs prior to halfway through the session.