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Step Up

Walking Directions

  1. Facing the receptionist’s desk, turn right and walk out the door. 
  2. Continue to walk in this direction for about 25 feet until you reach glass double doors. Walk through the two sets of double doors to the stairs. 
  3. Find the stair handrail that is the furthest to the right.
  4. Walk down the stairs and move forward for approximately 50 feet until you reach grass. 
  5. Turn right, following the sidewalk going Southeast. Use the line where the concrete meets the grass on the left side of the sidewalk.
  6. After approximately 300 feet, the grass will break again. There will be a stone bench on the left, just before the next intersection. Turn left at this intersection. 
  7. Follow where the sidewalk meets the grass on the left side of the sidewalk for about 175 feet, moving Northeast. 
  8. After about 175 feet, stop, turn right, and cross the sidewalk.
  9. You will find a large blue pole on the right side of this stretch of sidewalk. If you have hit grass, move to your left until you find the pole. If you have hit any objects, such as a large planter or seating area, move to your right until you find the pole. 

Well done! Another blue light!


Here is your next riddle.

One strand dangles. 

Two strands twist.

Three or more can

Fashion this.