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Walking Directions

  1. Exit the way you came in. Going through both sets of glass, double doors and down the stairs.
  2. Once down the stairs, walk forward for about 50 feet and then turn right. 
  3. Walk for approximately 100 feet, until you reach grass. Be aware, there are some large flower pots and a seating area in this section of campus.   
  4. When you find the grassy area, turn left.
  5. Follow the line where the grass meets the concrete for about 30 feet.
  6. Stop.
  7. Turn left and cross the sidewalk. 
  8. If you hit grass, move to your left until you reach the blue light. 
  9. If you hit an object, like a large flower pot or a seating area, move to your right until you find the blue light. 

Well done! Another blue light!


Here is your next riddle.

One strand dangles. 

Two strands twist.

Three or more can

Fashion this.