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Getting Started for the SLx

For the Service-Learning Exhibition, you will need to create the following components:
1.  Digital Poster*
2.  A Written Summary 
3.  Photography / Video Release Form(s), if applicable
*Some classes have students create videos. Only do so if instructed by your Professor OR if you have consulted with the Service-Learning program in advance.

Get started with everything you need BEFORE starting to create your work for the Service-Learning Exhibition (SLx)!

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Service-Learning staff. We are here to help!

Helpful Tips for Planning

Q: Is your submission going to be an individual or group work project?
The Service-Learning program accepts both individual and group work submissions. Check with your professor to see what they prefer/require.

Q: Most classes require students to make a poster to showcase their service-learning project, would you like to submit something different for the Service-Learning Exhibition (SLx)?
Most students create a poster for the SLx, however creativity is welcome. If you would like to enter a piece of art, a video, or creation that you made for your service-learning, contact the Service-Learning program ( for instructions and next steps.

Q: Do you plan on including photos/videos of your community partner or clients in your work? 
If you do, ensure to fill out a photography/video release form as you go. These will need to be submitted with your work.

Q: For posters, have you checked out the optional templates that the Service-Learning program provides?
Poster templates are provided for your convenience. They are not required, but they do provide the correct dimensions and prompts to help you along your way. Posters are required to be submitted as 48×36 inches and formatted as a Google Slide even if you do not use a template. Please customize these templates to make your poster unique. Remember to create your poster in google slides if you do not use a template.

Q: How is Service-Learning going to decide which submissions enter into the Service-Learning Exhibition?
The Service-Learning program will use a poster evaluation rubric to decide if your work will be submitted into the Service-Learning Exhibition (SLx). In addition, the program will also use a different evaluation rubric for video submissions. Main presentations are submitted alongside a written summary. Service-Learning staff will notify you whether your submission was selected.

Q: How are these posters and other components submitted to the Service-Learning program?

  • Posters have to be created in google slides, and submitted via a Google Slides link.
  • Videos should be saved as an .mp4 file, downloaded onto your Google Drive, and then submitted via a shared google link.
  • The written summary will be submitted as a text box entry
  • Photography/Video Release Forms need to be a PDF file. 

Both posters and videos need sharing permissions set to “anyone with link can view”. If you are submitting something else (with permission from the Service-Learning program) we will coordinate submission details. 

Written Summary

Additional Submission Requirement


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