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Department Guidelines for Requesting Relocation Funds

  1. Coordinate with the HR Talent Acquisition Specialist to determine if position is eligible for relocation.
  2. Review the University Moving Policy, Boise State 7140.
    1. The request may be approved for up to ten percent of the annual salary not to exceed $15,000.
    2. If the university is hiring more than one member of a household, the reimbursement is limited to only one employee, based on the employee with the greater base salary.
    3. All moving expenses reimbursed are taxable.
  3. Each new hire must complete the Moving Expense Agreement, located on the University Forms and Documents website. This form must be received by the Relocation Specialist prior to initiation of any moving processes or reimbursement for expenses.
  4. Provide new hire Relocation Specialist’s contact information: 208-426-2909,
  5. Upon receipt of relocation expenses submitted by new hire, the Relocation Specialist will review receipts for policy compliance, calculate reimbursement and then submit an EAF for reimbursement.