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Jaggaer FAQs

Jaggaer FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 5/1/23 — For Jaggaer process questions not answered here, please reach out to

What is Jaggaer and how does it work?

Jaggaer is an e-procurement tool that utilizes PunchOut Catalogs. These catalogs allow you to shop directly from a list of approved University Suppliers using your Boise State University Single Sign On account.

Account information is entered by the Requester at the time of order submission. Orders are then routed through the Standard Approval Workflow. Purchase Order and Invoice information is integrated into BroncoHub at the time of completion.

To learn more about how to use Jaggaer, please view the Job Aids, training slide decks, and recordings on the Jaggaer PunchOut Catalog website.

How do I access Jaggaer?

Jaggaer may be accessed through Bronco Hub under the My Organization tab.

If you need access to Jaggaer but do not have access, visit Request Computer Accounts and Access and review Account Request Instructions.

How do I make payments in Jaggaer?

Payments in Jaggaer function off of a three-way matching process. The three-way matching process ensures that the Purchase Order, Voucher (Invoice), and Receipt match before authorizing payment.

As a Requestor, your role in the three-way matching process is to Create a Receipt. A Receipt confirms items have been delivered. Once a Receipt is created, Jaggaer will automatically match the Receipt with a corresponding electronic Voucher. When a Voucher has been fully matched (i.e., all items on the Voucher have been received) it will automatically be released for processing and payment by the P2P Payables team.

Vouchers are electronically loaded into Jaggaer by the supplier at the time of shipment; so, you won’t have to manage these.

How do I view and manage Approval Workflow in Jaggaer?

Similar to Purchase Requisitions in BroncoHub, orders in Jaggaer will be routed through the Standard Approval Workflow. Users will receive email notifications, along with notification alerts in Jaggaer, when Approval Workflow actions are required.

The following list of Job Aids provide instructions on how to view and manage approval workflow:

Will I receive important Notifications?

Yes. Users will receive email notifications, as well as notification alerts in the Jaggaer interface, when action is required or when certain processes have been completed.

Can I ship packages to off-campus locations?

Shipping to off-campus locations is not currently possible for orders placed in Jaggaer.

In Jaggaer, you are able to choose from three default shipping locations on campus. The most common and practical location is Central Receiving. Once shipments arrive at Central Receiving, the packages will be delivered to campus users based on the modifiable “Attn To” and “Mail Stop” fields.

For more information, please review the Create Default Shipping Address Job Aid.

Do Suppliers have minimum ordering amounts?

Yes, some of the Suppliers have minimum order amount requirements.

You can find a link to a list of order minimums for Jaggaer Suppliers by selecting “Jaggaer Order Minimums” in the Quick Links box in the top-right corner of your Jaggaer homepage.

Order minimums are also noted on the P2P Contracts and Price Agreements page, underneath the related Supplier.

What if I need to make a return, cancel an order, or make a change request?

Please contact to discuss returning items, canceling an order, or making a change request.

Where can I find more information on Jaggaer Punchout Catalog suppliers?

Information on University Suppliers, including Jaggaer Punchout Suppliers, can be found on the P2P Contracts & Price Agreements page.

Information will include: Supplier Contact Information, Order Minimums (if applicable), and Contract Use instructions.

What are some of the advantages of using Jaggaer?

Jaggaer Punchout Catalogs are directly connected to approved contract pricing. These contracts have gone through the competitive bidding process.

Jaggaer allows you to easily monitor the order Approval Workflow process; view order confirmations and shipment status; and track orders that require receipts.